Productivity Acceleration Device for NC Programmers

The new CimatronE SuperBox combined hardware-software solution reduces the load on computers and speeds up tool-path calculations for multiple NC programmers. This breakthrough productivity-enhancing device was developed by Cimatron Ltd., which provides integrated cad/cam software for tool and mould makers.

“Up to 50% of a typical NC user’s day can be consumed by long tool-path calculations,” says Roy Sterenthal, Cimatron vice president of R&D. “Even if these calculations are done in the background, they put a very significant load on the user’s PC resources.” Cimatron’s aim in developing the SuperBox was to free up the user’s computer and expedite completion of the tool-path calculations.

Once the SuperBox is plugged in, all CimatronE NC seats in the facility automatically offload most of their calculation tasks to it, thereby freeing up the resources of individual workstations. The system add-on contains a state-of-the-art multicore CPU and ample RAM, considerably accelerating calculation rates. And, to push performance even higher, for procedures with no stock dependency (e.g., finish-machining), the SuperBox can execute multiple procedure calculations concurrently.

The plug-and-play SuperBox requires only a power outlet and a network connection within the user’s premises. “The central concept of the SuperBox is that it’s simple,” explains Cimatron CEO Danny Haran. “You plug the SuperBox in, and everyone starts working faster. That’s all: no training, no implementation process, no headache.”

The system’s architecture is fully scalable, and multiple SuperBoxes can be used to support more users and heavier workloads.

This innovation from Cimatron is being previewed at the Cimatron GmbH booth (F-70 in Hall 8) at EuroMold 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany, December 1–4.