Surfware Grants Software License to Shanghai University of Engineering

A grant consisting of 40 licenses by Surfware Inc.for its SURFCAM software has been given to the Shanghai University of Engineering Sciences(SUES) in Shanghai, China. The grant is seen as a historic milestone for both Surfware and the university. Until now, Surfware has never issued an educational grant to a university in China. The grant was extremely important to the school as well, because it represented the first CAM software donation of its kind.

SUES has 45 different schools of education, including the School of Material Engineering, the School of Automobile Engineering, the Detection and Testing Center for Automobiles, the Center for Industrial Training, and the Computer Center.

Brian Kindilien, Surfware’s vice president of sales, and Dr. Wang Hong, president of SUES, met to discuss the importance of the grant to both Surfware and Shanghai University. The Surfware team, composed of Surfware staff and Surfware’s local reseller, Gallop Engineering, was given a tour of SUES’s facilities. Aside from Dr. Hong, the Surfware team met with Mr. Zihe Cen, vice president of the University; Hao Jian Ping, vice professor; and Li Peiyao, associate professor of the School of Material Engineering; and many other dignitaries.

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